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The Lion King

Lyceum Theatre, London

The Lion King - Lyceum Theatre, London

Age Restriction: Children under the age of 3 are not permitted.

Important Information: Disney's The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre contains smoke and fog effects as well as strobe lighting.

The Lion King Photos & Video

  • The Lion King - Lyceum Theatre
  • The Lion King - Lyceum Theatre
  • The Lion King - Lyceum Theatre
  • The Lion King - Lyceum Theatre
  • The Lion King - Lyceum Theatre
  • The Lion King - Lyceum Theatre
  • The Lion King - Lyceum Theatre

Back in 1994 audiences flocked to the cinema to witness the latest Disney spectacle – an animated film that would be amongst the most successful of all time and certainly one of the most memorable recent works under the Disney Classics brand. Taking its cues from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and featuring vocal talents from a host of Hollywood and British actors, “The Lion King” was always destined for big things.

Audiences were gripped from the moment the “The Circle of Life” theme by Elton John filled the auditorium, as the animals of the Prideland gather to witness the birth of Simba, the lion cub. It is amongst scenes that have gone down in cinematic history.

But when the movie left cinema screens back in 1994, the story was far from over. Enter Julie Taymor, a designer and director who took it upon herself to bring the story to the stage. By July 1997 her dream was finally realised on Broadway, winning praise and accolades, including Tony Awards and an abundance of eager punters. It wouldn’t be long until audiences around the world got their hands on the success story, appearing in cities from Paris to Tokyo – and of course, London’s West End.

“The Lion King” opened at the Lyceum Theatre in October 1999 and has stayed there to this day having celebrated its tenth anniversary in October 2009 (which featured James Earl Jones – the original Mufasa - amongst its audience members). During its runs at the capital it has appeared at the Royal Variety performance on two occasions and has bagged Laurence Olivier Awards along the way, making it one of the biggest shows in the West End.

The story of “The Lion King” is a timeless one, opening just like the movie to Elton John’s “The Circle of Life” as Simba, son of King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi, is born in the Prideland and held up to the kingdom for all to see. After this we follow Simba’s life as a young cub, getting into trouble with his female friend Nala and being taught the ways of the world by his father.

But the Prideland holds a challenger to the throne in the form of Simba’s uncle Scar (brother to King Mufasa) and this Wicked lion hatches a plan to end Mufasa’s life and take the throne for himself. Under Scar’s plan Simba is rescued from a stampede by Mufasa, only to be trampled to death himself. Scar pins the blame on Simba and he departs from the Prideland for good, leaving the Prideland in the hands of his uncle.

But sooner or later Simba must face his past and as an adult Lion he returns to the Prideland to put things right, facing Scar once and for all.

The show features many of the popular characters from the movies, from Simba and Mufasa to Timon & Pumba, Nala and Rafiki. It can therefore be enjoyed by fans of the show and newcomers alike, who will all find something special from the compelling story.

“The Lion King” continues at its home of the Lyceum Theatre.

Show & Venue Information

Lyceum Theatre
Lyceum Theatre
21 Wellington Street

Booking From

Tuesday, 02 January 2018

Booking To

Sunday, 04 October 2020

Running Time

2hr 30 min (inc interval)

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